How do I push to my BowTie repo?

When you are ready to publish your changes to your BowTie site, you can push them up using git in your terminal. Go to your command line, and follow the normal git workflow to push your changes - stage, commit, and then push.

Read on to learn the specifics.

To push all local changes to your BowTie repo:

  1. $ git status - to see your changes
  2. $ git add . - to add all changed files to be tracked
  3. $ git commit -m"COMMIT MESSAGE - to commit the tracked files to be pushed, where COMMIT MESSAGE describes the changes you made.
  4. $ git push - to push your changes to your desired location.  

See the git documentation for more options or alternate workflows. If you’d like more instructions on how to use git inside of BowTie, read our docs.


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