How do I setup a new environment for testing or staging?

Environments allow you to separate test users, transactions, and project settings from your primary Live application. Environments. are associated with a unique domain, and can be associated to a unique branch in your repository. BowTie repositories are created with a Live and Test environment by default.

To create a new Staging environment:

  1. Create a new domain under the ‘More’ > ‘Domains’ tab in your BowTie dashboard (set any environment initially).
  2. Visit the ‘Environments’ tab in your dashboard and select ‘Add Environment’
  3. Name the environment (e.g ‘Staging’), choose a branch from your repository (e.g. ‘master’), and point it to an available domain (e.g. the one you just created).
  4. Toggle ‘Use Stripe Live Mode’ if you intend to take real transactions in this environment.

Learn more about adding environments.


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