Can I use a domain that I already own?

BowTie allows you register new custom domains, or use domains you currently own. For existing domains you’ll need to edit the nameserver records at your domain registrar. Settings are provided during domain installation. Read on to learn how.

Navigate to the ‘Add Domain’ interface found at ‘More’ > ‘Domains’, and enter the domain name and select the environment you would like to associate with this domain, to (e.g. ‘live’ or ‘test’).

When you attach the domain you’ll be prompted to configure your domain’s nameservers. After receiving the list of nameservers from the BowTie interface, navigate to the nameserver configuration at your registrar and make the suggested changes. Click Resume after the nameservers are configured to continue the installation. Please ensure that you’ve updated your DNS properly and give it time to resolve.

Learn more about attaching and configuring domains.


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