Fast and lean sites that don't skimp on features.

Always SSL Static Hosting

Secure frontend hosting with custom domains, preconfigured private git repos, and effortless push to deploy.

Stripe Payments

Capture payments, deploy paywalls, and offer subscriptions backed by Stripe. Use our integrated test mode to separate test data automatically.

Cloud Editor

Hand off content creation to clients with a customizable CMS and integrated markdown editor. Use dozens of templates to deploy responsive sites in minutes.

User Management

Database-free user management, OAuth integration, and access + policy controls are enabled throughout your static site or application.

Admin Control

Log visitors, manage users, and track payments or subscriptions between Test and Live environments - in a single user interface.

Third-Party Integrations

Build email lists, send user data to third-party marketing or CRM tools, and connect to hundreds of software platforms using Zapier.

Static Sites with Dynamic Features

The future of the static web is here. Here's why you should host your next client site on BowTie:

BowTie.io Features
Private Git Repository Host content in a private git repo designed for teams. Share access with your team, but keep your client's source protected. Need to open-source? You can easily push content to a secondary repository. More
Static Site Generator Support We include Jekyll by default. Push to trigger a server-side build automatically. Using another static site generator? Add a single file to your project and push to deploy. More
Hosted Domains Choose any domain name for your project (e.g. 'myproject.bowtied.io'). Add up to 10 per project and map them to any branch in your repo.
Custom Domains Purchase any custom TLD, and easily transfer them between projects. Or, bring your own with a nameserver configuration. More
SSL We configure SSL for every domain in your project at no extra charge.
Local Development Use the BowTie client to run a local environment that builds your content, executes user and policy events, and runs test transactions with Stripe. More
Revision History Git version control is baked in. Developers can access the entire history of the project and revert at any time. Content creators don't need to learn git. More
Google Apps for Email Use Google Apps Email with zero configuration. We install the required MX records with every domain added to your project. More
Backend Proxy BowTie can proxy requests to another web service or application if it can't find the requested resource within your project's repository. More
User Management
Login/Registration Hosted user authentication pages allow out-of-the-box registration with baked-in tools to validate submissions, reset passwords, and confirm accounts.
Social Login Registration and sign in support via oAuth (Google, Twitter) More
Custom Data Storage Database-free user storage via simple javascript objects More
Content Protection Easily protect files and directories based on any user profile information (behavior, payments, custom data). More
Analytics Monitor user and visitor behavior from the BowTie dashboard.
Stripe Integration Connect your project to Stripe for simple, secure payments, or use multiple Stripe accounts (one per project).
Stripe Checkout Support Use BowTie 'product' objects to authenticate Stripe Checkout charges. Set up policies for customers that pay you. More
Subscription Support Use hosted subscription/upgrade forms to move users between plans. Track any subscription plan you create in Stripe for on the glance metrics. More
Built-in Test Transactions Use a dedicated `test` environment to submit fake payments without polluting your data, or create a new test environment from any branch of your repository. More
Hosted Upgrade Forms Add policies to automatically redirect users to a hosted upgrade page when their plan requires. Users can self-manage plans on pre-built account pages.
Admin Control
Admin UI Access your projects, key analytics, customers, and revenue from a single interface. More
Roll your Own CMS Developers have control over what a collaborator can edit. Create a custom 'CMS' limited to exactly what your client needs.
Jekyll Collection Editor Provide clients with a simple, form-driven experience by defining the attributes and giving them a custom editing interface. Jekyll collection editor details.
Easy Markdown Blogging Write, preview, and publish markdown blog posts directly in the Bowtie dashboard. More on blogging with markdown
Manage Repository Content Our repository APIs allow you to provide third-party or custom administrative interfaces to developers or clients. More
Manage Users View user profile information, confirm access/status, and track activity.
Track Revenue View recent transactions, watch users move between plans, and submit refunds.
Built for Teams Project owners can share access with any other BowTie user allowing them to push to the git repo and manage the BowTie dashboard. More
Custom error pages Custom error pages (markdown or HTML) for 400, 401, 403, 404, 500
One-click Maintenance Mode Temporarily suspend access to your site with the flip of a switch. BowTie will serve a customizable maintenance page at your primary domain. More

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