BowTie is proud to support the growth of some of the most dynamic and rapidly growing startup ecosystems in the country. Nowhere is this more true than Albuquerque, New Mexico where entrepreneurship is some of the most significant driving forces to the areas economic growth.



In partnership with the City of Albuquerque, BowTie organized and executed several 2-day marathon sessions of one-on-one business support. BowTie leadership met with business owners, entrepreneurs, and charities for 2 hours each, in which time we developed free landing pages in support of their growth goals.


After 10 days of sessions BowTie had empowered nearly 60 organizations around the community and was called one of the most significant injections of hands-on support to Albuquerque small business in years. This support surpassed City expectation by 20% and set the stage for how a well organized and resourced ecosystem functions.


BowTie was proud and humbled to work with ABQid, FatPipe, CNM, 1 Million Cups, Startup Week, The Epicenter, and of course the City of Albuquerque to bring such material and positive support to ABQ businesses.

What is LaunchABQ?

Through our partnership with the city of Albuquerque, BowTie is providing access to our development tools and static hosting service to local app developers and startups. BowTie is also working with local accelerators, bootcamps and educational groups to train and facilitate the rapid development of static apps using our platform. As the Albuquerque startup ecosystem continues to thrive, we’re excited to help new startups along the path to growth that we have experienced.

Who Qualified?

The LaunchABQ program was available to residents and businesses in the city of Albuquerque. They will receive up to a year of BowTie hosting, along with training and ongoing support for projects.

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