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    How do I work with my site locally?

    The BowTie client runs on your development machine and allows you to preview changes locally before pushing to BowTie. It is similar to the Jekyll client (and is built upon it), but includes support for BowTie’s user management, policies, environments, and payments features. To install, run gem install bowtie-io from your command line.  

    You can download the BowTie client on our github page. For more information on the client visit our getting started guide, or read our docs.

    How do you process payments on BowTie?

    BowTie allows you to process payments with Stripe. We offer turnkey support for Stripe Checkout and Stripe subscriptions, without requiring you to build an integration to Stripe. Payments and subscriptions are segmented by environment. Plans created in Stripe test mode appear in your BowTie test environment, and plans created in Stripe live mode are found in your BowTie live environment.


    To learn how to set up payments and build policies, read our user guides on payments and subscriptions.


    Read our technical Docs on Stripe for more information.

    Can I use a domain that I already own?

    BowTie allows you register new custom domains, or use domains you currently own. For existing domains you’ll need to edit the nameserver records at your domain registrar. Settings are provided during domain installation. Read on to learn how.

    How do I use Zapier to extend my BowTie application?

    Our Zapier integration allows you to use pre-built zaps in your application or build your own. You can set triggers and filters when information is added/updated to a BowTie user record, or user profile.  

    If you’d like to see an example of how to integrate Zapier into a BowTie application, read this post.


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